Memorials and Monuments


The students are loaded onto the bus to leave Arlington.  We will make a stop at the Marine Corps War Memorial before heading to the Pentagon.

The Marine Corps War Memorial is depicting the flag raising on Iwo Jima.  As we arrive at the memorial, the students are lucky enough to see and interact with some brave marines that are practicing formation for a ceremony at the memorial.  Many of the kids are awed at the sight and remain locked in a gaze for some time watching the routine.  The honor guard breaks up and the practice is over.

The bus heads toward the Pentagon and parks in front of the mall.  The students are immediately away of their surroundings and there is buzz on the bus.  We unload and make the one mile walk to the Pentagon memorial.  The kids learn that the benches are placed for the direction of where the victim was located.  If the name is read and you are viewing the Pentagon building, the victim was in the Pentagon.  If you can read the name and see the sky, the victim was on the plane.  The students are a little disappointed that they cannot take many pictures, as pictures of the Pentagon building are prohibited.


It is time for a break and we have made our way back to the mall for lunch.  The kids are far more excited than the adults.  It will be short lived excitement as we board the bus for some more walking.  You can almost hear the collective “UGGHHHH!


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