The Nation’s Capital


The 8th grade infiltration has begun.  We have arrived in Washington, DC.  We have worked out the schedule to get the most important stop of the trip completed first.

Joe’s Souvenir Shop is about to be overwhelmed.  Seriously, with that out of the way, it is now time to take in the awesome history.  The bus makes a brief stop at the World War II memorial.


The students are able to take in the division between to the two active theatres of the conflict and locate the Wisconsin pillar.  The time is short, so we load the bus and move on to the Martin Luther King Memorial.


This is where the walking part begins. Our tour guide gives a speech that is far too long and far too opinionated, but we eventually walk through the memorial.  The massive stone sculpture is impressive.  Quickly on to the next memorial.

A brief walk around the Potomac flood basin to the FDR memorial.  The students are more engaged in this memorial and observing all the ways in which FDR is depicted throughout his terms.


The memorial is broken into four sections, or rooms.  One for each of his presidential terms.  The first “room” introduces his presidency. The bronze structures depict the “New Deal”, and the fireside chats that FDR started on the radio.  As we progress, we learn about the Great Depression, follow by the building of industry, the end of World War II, culminating with his funeral.

We now continue around basin further to the Jefferson Memorial.  The students are greeted with spectacular architecture and many inspirational quotes.  We allow them some free time to explore on their own and learn some exciting new information about this founding father.


We finally stop walking and head to dinner to close the evening.


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