Annual Pilgrimage to Washington, DC


The Pilgrimage Begins


Today begins the almost 16-hour journey, for three weary adults and 26 eager 8th grade students, to nation’s capital.  For many of these 8th graders, at Greenfield Bilingual School in Milwaukee, WI, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Each year is fun and exciting.  Watching the kids marvel at the monuments, interact with the veterans, and generally show the pride that America and the Capital bring to them.  This is an opportunity to put aside family issues, politics, and concerns in the neighborhood, and enjoy the sites that have been built for every American.

Many of the students that venture with us have never been away from their parents and some have never been away from home.  This trip allows them to explore and take in those things that they enjoy and learn some new history as we go.

The itinerary is a little different every year, but we make an effort to keep some important sites on the list.  Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, the U.S. Capitol building.  The walking tour of monuments is awe inspiring, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson.  The most impact that these young minds have is not even aware to them until they see them.  The war memorials and Arlington Cemetery always spark the most conversation.


We leave the school at 4:00pm for the easterly trip.  Our first destination is 15 hours away, Gettysburg, PA.  The students have been learning U.S. History and the Civil War is fresh in their minds.


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